Want to reopen your business safely and successfully? 

Please join our 20 minute session that will share the playbook to reopen or improve your organization for the future.  Safety, health and financial solutions will be provided to help no matter where your business is currently. 

Yes, I want to reopen safely and successfully!

COVID-19 Survival Toolkit

These are unprecedented times; the COVID-19 crisis is unique in that it pits economic growth against public health. For the past four years, the WellAdvised Program has taught employers how to take care of their employees holistically, and helped everyone be the best version of themselves. 

We will continue to provide responsible ways to keep you and yours physically, mentally and financially healthy. We will help you get healthy, happy people back to work sooner rather than later. Therefore, we are pleased to provide you several new resources, below!

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Stop Overpaying for Cable!

Financial Wellness Session 6.18.2020

Financial Help and Resources

Determine Monthly Income

A step by step guide to help you determine your monthly income. 

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STOP! Overpaying for TV

Tips and ideas to get the most bang for your buck with cable and streaming services.

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Sample Hardship Letter Regarding Foreclosure

A resource, provided by the National Consumer Law Center, to help you create your own hardship letter during this time of need.

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Ideas to Earn Extra Income

Think of some new and creative ways to earn extra income during these times. Share with us the different ways that you are earning extra income.

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@Home Challenge

Collect points while you social distance. Compete with friends and co-workers. 

This challenge is meant to encourage healthy behaviors that will help each of us thrive while working from home and social distancing! Keep track of your own score by adding the points each day. Try to reach 50-75 points daily.

Share your @Home Challenge with us on Instagram! welladvisedltd

List of activities and points

The Basics of Investing

Join our guest and registered Investment Advisor Mike Woomer who teaches about the basics of investing.

Getting the best Credit Card for you!

Some things to consider when looking for a new credit card or looking to restructure your current credit arrangement. 6.4.2020

Using your Stimulus Check

Getting the most out of your stimulus check. 5.21.2020

Financial Wellness Session 4.30.2020

Taking action steps for better expense planning. Trying to make the most of your budget during these times.

Financial Wellness Session 5.7.2020

A session to teach and help with financial goal setting. 

Financial Wellness Session - 4.23.2020

Learning the basics of the CARES act. How much is your stimulus check going to be? When are you going to receive it? How are you going to receive it? CARES act in relation to retirement accounts.

Financial Wellness Session - 4.16.2020

Building a budget or reconstructing on during times of hardship.

Financial Wellness Session 4.9.2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Your Finances During Turbulent Times.

Weekly Mindfulness Sessions

 Join Julie Frischkorn, a licensed psychotherapist, every Monday at 12:00 p.m. EST to assist you be at your best!

A weekly mindfulness practice led by Julie Frischkorn, a licensed psychotherapist, and Spark360's Director of Behavioral Health and Mindfulness. Every Monday at 12:00 p.m. EST, you have the opportunity to join Julie as she guides you through a short (but so effective!) live mindfulness practice. Not only will you join breath and body together, but you'll learn new approaches to help you survive and thrive in the face of adversity and anxiety. You can access SparkUNPLUG by clicking this link.

Helpful Health Tips

Three great resources to help you be at your best with mental, physical and nutrition

Mindful Breathing

One minute of mindful breathing can make a huge difference in your attitude and energy levels - which is what we need right now! A mindfulness expert is here to explain how you can use mindfulness in short spurts throughout your day.

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 Tips For Resetting Your Sleep Patterns

Get back on track to a healthy sleep schedule, wake up refreshed and ready for the day!

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Self-Care Ideas

35 things that you can start practicing today to help improve yourself.

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Spice Up Snacktime

While it's easy to lean on processed foods when you're feeling emotional, good nutritional choices during times of high stress times can help us better manage blood sugar dips that ultimately can lead to feelings of anxiety. Spice up your snack time with these tasty treats!

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Flex Your Fitness Muscle

Fitness and exercise ideas that you can not only do at home but educate yourself when you can get back into the gym.

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Prevent the Spread

Tools are resources to help protect yourself and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Ergonomic Tips and Tricks to Consider while Working from Home

As more of the workforce works from home here are some best practices to consider.

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Make Your Own Facemask

a. A message by the U.S. Surgeon General on how to make your own facemask.

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Stopping the Spread

CDC recommendations for stopping the spread of the virus. Included: Guidelines for America, 30 Days to Slow the Spread

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Keys to washing your hands

Guide of how and when to wash your hands to keep you and yours safe during these trying times.

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