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Our Findings

We asked an employer their perceived health of their population (Pre-Data Assumed Company Population). We then conducted the same level of data collection with the very employees of this company (Post-Data Company Population Summary). There is a disconnect in the workforce between benefits provided and the immediate needs of the individuals. Our goal is to provide the maximum impact to the business, employees and the community.

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 of Americans don't have an Emergency Savings Account. 


 of Americans can't afford a $400 shock claim. 


 of income goes to consumer debt for employees making $75,000 or less. 


of Americans can't afford to retire. 


of Americans take Social Security early.


Delayed Retirement for one employee can cost a company $50,000 per year

How We Help

It's deeper than just an investment vehicle . Our goal is to empower both employees and employers to make informed financial decisions that will benefit them both for tomorrow and long term horizon.


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